SINGA Energy Drink was conceptualized with a simple idea - To give you more energy to perform.

As the name suggested, SINGA Energy Drink was so named for the comparable resemblance to the Malay word of “Lion”. Read: Male Lions.

Male Lions is significantly distinguished by its majestic mane. Projecting itself as the head of the pride, with its natural dominating characteristics, a Male Lion is the royal depiction for strength, power, superiority, the ultimate fulfilment of achievements..

When required, male lions attack with short yet powerful burst of energy, in restless pursuits of its final goal - allowing only adrenaline triumph in its own game.

SINGA Energy Drink - Distinctively powerful with its symbolic GOLD Lionhead representation, completed with a vibrant red background, each can portrays the conceit spirit of its prideful leader.

Get a class of your own. Get a symbol of strength and power. Be a SINGA.